VCraft 2.1

One Week has passed and as promised, here’s our Update on VCraft!

The new Update is mainly focused on the Server-Side, but we do have a couple of changes for our Modpack as well guaranteeing exciting new features, improvements, and of course the revamp of our beloved Lands Survival Mode.

In a Nutshell, we actually have now more bugs than before (As of the principle of getting rid of one, and getting two new ones), but the Server Itself is now mostly functional again, and you can play without being interrupted. Lands Survival is now faster and even more user-friendly than it was before, and the Chat-System has been completely overhauled as well (You are now able to access multiple chats by our new Channel system). This means if you want to chat with your friend who is in the Lobby, but you’re playing in Lands Survival, this now possible by using the “/ch” command!

Summary of the Changes:

  • New Modpack Version: We added a new GUI and Resource Packs!
  • Lands Survival Returns: Conquer lands, or create your own little slice of paradise, the choice is yours.
  • Chat Functionality: The Chat is now functional again!
  • Bug Fixes: There have been a couple of Bug-Fixes and Adjustments, but feel free to check out the full Changelog!

Known Bugs

  • Lobby PvP: Temporarily unavailable, we are waiting for a hotfix from the Developer
  • Voice Chat: We’ll be bringing the Voice-Chat back once the majority of Bugs for VCraft has been resolved!
  • Custom Icons: Some icons in menus may not be displayed correctly
  • Chat Customization Features & Player Glows: These features are still in the works, but it’s expected to be fully functional soon.
  • Lands Survival Crates: We’re making adjustments to the Crates, please wait until next week before using them!
  • Lands Survival Bosses: Currently not spawning, but we are working on getting them back from their vacation.

Our journey continues, and we’re excited to bring you more news in the next week, with hopefully fewer bugs. See you in-game! 

Wallpaper provided by novaskin

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