Addressing Ichihime’s Threats

Hey everyone! – It has been a while, and unfortunately we have to address a serious situation we’ve been confronted with recently concerning one of our Talents, Ichihime Aikawa.

The Past of Ichihime Aikawa

We’ve often been asked, if Ichihime Aikawa is a real person or not, why we’re using filters over her voice etc. and to understand everything, we have to bring up the past of Ichihime (With of course the agreement of everyone involved).

Ichihime’s journey in the Idol-Industry haven’t started with Vizora, and she’s been able to build up a big and devoted fan base in her career before joining us. She has been part of a popular Idol-Group, however moved away from her idol career and started working in a normal job, following new goals such as for example voice acting.
She is still having many fans, and unfortunately sometimes fans are becoming obsessive and tend to go too far by stalking, or even attempting to black-mail the person, which had been reasons for her to move to a new place.

What Happened?

Recently, one or more of Ichihime’s Devices got compromised, which led to one or more fans having access to her personal devices on which she had been logged in into her VSinger Accounts. We’re lucky that the Devices didn’t had that much personal information on it, but this was leading to Vizora being the target of hacking attempts as well, and was the reason for the downtime of our Website. Even while the Hackers been able to slow down our Website, and temporary shut it down, no Information has been stolen and our Firewalls and safety measures are all still functioning.

As a Company, we take the safety and well-being of our Talents very seriously, and provided Ichihime Aikawa with several security measures right after being informed about the incident.

What’s to come

We have been working closely together with law enforcement authorities to address these threats and attacks, and are happy to inform everyone that Ichihime is safe, and we’ve already been able to pinpoint several suspects which are being arrested at the time this Article has been written.

Moving forward, we would like to urge all fans and supporters to respect the privacy and boundaries of our Talents. While we appreciate your Engagement and Admiration, please remember that behind the screen is still a person.

While this haven’t been the happiest Article, we would still like to thank you for your continued support towards our Talents and Vizora Interactive. Let’s look forward to better news pretty soon!

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